Fiscal Cliff Senate Votes The Dissenters

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I was also curious about the Fiscal Cliff Senators who dissented. Bennet (D-CO) an “educational activist” according to Time. Carper (D-DE) former treasurer 1977-1983. Grassley (R-IA) who formerly investigated TBN preachers 2007.  Harkin (D-IA) who is against tax cuts for the rich. KY-FL-AL southern Tea-Party interests like Rand Paul. Jim DeMint being replaced by Tim Scott.

Fiscal Cliff Senate Vote The Absent

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I was curious about the votes by the Senate on the fiscal cliff.  The three senators that were absent were Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) busy with Sandy Storm and Cory Booker; Mark Kirk (R-IL) recovering from brain stroke.  He won Pres. Obama’s former Senate seat; and Jim DeMint (R-SC) who resigned recently to run the Heritage Foundation, a conservative research group.

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Our hearts go out to the victims of the December 11th mall shooting 11 miles outside Portland Oregon at the Clackamas Town Mall. The Police gave a press conference at 10am Dec 12 and the shooter was a 22 year old young man Jacob Tyler Roberts from SE 82nd in Portland. The dead were a small business owner in the mall named Forsythe and a 54 year old woman named Cindy Yuille. The 15 year old injured girl was taken to OHSU. She apparently walked from the food court area downstairs near REI where police found her. The media did an excellent job from the ground and air. One witness was the Salvation Army bell ringer who saw the masked and rifle armed man go into Macy’s and reported it to the mall. Apparently there was only one weapon which jammed, but reopened when the shooter shot himself. They do not have a motive. Pictures of all were shown. The shooter did have a match when fingerprints were taken, but had no criminal history. He may have been a prior victim. The gun was stolen.

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

“That’s what she said.”

Do Infants Exhibit Morality

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On Sunday, November 18 TV’s “60 Minutes” aired a segment on infants as young as 3 months old exhibiting partiality with puppets.  The scientists were able to show the babies exhibiting signs of morality and favoritism to kind and like-kind puppets.  I have always thought mankind had a sense of balance in the brain.


Former State Senator Sid Snyder

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I have been watching news about death of Sid Snyder near Long Beach, WA on October 15.  His memorial 10/20/2012 now airing on public access stations in Washington State.  He was a great man.  I used to live on Sid Snyder Drive near beach and shop Sid’s grocery. He helped to get the boardwalk built at Long Beach.


Been On Vacation

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You may have noticed that I am not writing as usual and this is because I am now retired and it is as laid-back and fun as everyone expects, with one exception, make sure you take care of your health in your younger years, so that your health will make any retirement better.  Money helps too, but I have found that supporting our local artists takes very little money.  Soon I will write a new article about the struggling artists in my local neighborhood.  I also wanted to share with anyone who may be interested that Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington (adult education/nights and weekends) is offering up a course in Criminal Justice Administration.  This is brand new and covers such topics as ethnic and diversity training, along with the usual ethics and criminal law.  Worth a look for you eager young social justice advocates.  School is out and I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!


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